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Web Designers Even without our "60 Minute Website" services, our website site maker is a quick and easy way to add a site.

Web Savvy Once a new site is added, our staff can help many users add pages and content themselves, with very effort. At worst we can complete the foundations and you can type in your text

Absolute Novice Even those with a real fear of the Internet can now have a low cost website. We even try to help you come up with the content to promote your service or products.

Too Busy To Deal Clients can even get in touch whilst on the move. Allowing a new business website to be made by the end of a boring journey. You can describe the graphics you want put in place and even receive drafts via MMS, perfect for those that never seem to get round to giving their business a proper Internet presence
Just email info@eMBGroup.co.uk, with your credit card and an Internet connection at hand, and the process can begin.

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